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OSHA 30 in Omaha

The OSHA 30 Training Program provides training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces. The program also provides information regarding workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint.

The OSHA 30 Training Program employees attend 30 hours of classes delivered by Jeff Bennett, Thompson Electric’s OSHA authorized trainer.  The 30 hour class is intended for employees with responsibility for safety in the field or as a refresher class for their personal well-being. The past 2 months Jeff Bennett provided OSHA 30 training for 16 employees from our Omaha office.  This was the fourth OSHA 30 Training class in the past couple years in Omaha.

The 16 employees that attended the OSHA 30 Training were Charles Ball, George Turner, Mick Coffman, Daniel Erdbruger, Bret Falk, Nick Guthrie, Dave Hibler, Lynn Kahnk, Brad Madej, James Mahr, Nick Vincent, Aaron Miller, Chris Saab, Doug Stephens, Dan VanGrud and Richard Roan.

We are proud of the commitment made to achieve the OSHA 30 Certification and recognize those who attended with an OSHA 30 Safety Vest.

Congratulations to all…

Year in Review – Training


As we continue to review 2013, we are going to focus on Thompson Electric’s training program.  Throughout the year, a variety of training programs are made available to our employees.  These training programs cover a variety of different topics, from safety in the field to project manager training. The training program has become an essential and vital part of the Thompson Electric culture.

Let’s review some of the training that was provided in 2013.

Training classes for Forklift safety, Ladder safety, Fall Protection safety, Aerial Lift safety and OSHA 30 were provided to our Foreman, Journeyman, Apprentices, Construction Wireman and Installers.  These training sessions were taught by our Corporate Safety Manager, Jeff Bennett.

In 2013, Thompson Electric started to introduce iPads to some of our field staff in lieu of laptop computers.  The training on the new iPads was provided by Erin Stabile, Corporate Services and Aline Stevenson, Director of Project Management.

Project Manager’s received training in COINS (Job Status/Job Cost Information), Estimating Concepts, Purchase Order/Subcontractor Procedures, and a new program in 2013 was TPM (Thompson Production Management)  and Task Tracker (Scheduling for field activities).  Our new Project Managers also received training in PM 101 (processes and procedures for PM’s).  This training was provided by Aline Stevenson, Director of Project Management.

Not all training is done by in house personnel.  This past year we also had medium voltage training provided by Echo and 3M, Code Classes provided by Richard Moon of WIT Community College and training and certification for installation of fire stopping materials by Specialty Sealants.

As technology continues to advance and projects become more complex, Thompson Electric will continue to provide training to our employees for both safety and technology.  In 2014, Thompson Electric will continue to provide the best training available, to keep our employees informed on new technologies and best practices, but also as a continuing reminder of job-site safety.