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Our Panel Stickers Work!

DaveHibler-FBThis is one of our great experiences through our 85 years of electrical expertise submitted by Dave Hibler, Service Electrician at Thompson Electric Omaha.

Dave’s experience on a service call yesterday at a customer location we did work for 20 years ago. They identified us from the panel sticker that was put on by the foreman and placed a service call to our office.

Dave identified two positives from this experience:

  1. First, by putting the label on that panel 20 years ago the customer was able to identify the installing company and call us. Thus offering our team another opportunity to provide great customer service.

  2. Secondly, we are very proud that the work we did didn’t require any maintenance or repairs for 20 years.

Dave remarked. It was a great experience. The owner came up to me and pointed to the TE logo on my shirt and said to his wife see I told you it’s the same company. “It made me smile!”

Thanks for sharing Dave.

If you have any electrical panel stickers from Thompson Electric we would love to see them, please tag us.

Thompson Electric’s Service Department



24/7/365… whenever and wherever they are needed, that’s Thompson Electric’s Service Department.

The service department has been an instrumental part of Thompson Electric from the very beginning and that legacy continues on today.  All of the offices for Thompson Electric have service departments, with a fleet of service trucks.  The service department not only responds to emergency calls but takes care of clients that have an urgent “I need it done ASAP” project.  The service department also takes care of our residential customers as well, from trouble shooting issues to wiring a new home, they have that “whatever it takes to get the job done” attitude.

Ryan Gilbert is the Service Manager and Judy Grimsley is the Assistant Service Manager for Sioux City, Pat Smith is the Service Manager and Marie Flanigan is the Service Dispatcher for Omaha and Jerry Jongeling is the Service Manager with assistance from Darryln Hamilton for Sioux Falls.  All of our service managers have a unique set of skills, being able to identify what constitutes an emergency call, prioritizing the calls as they come in and the ability to reschedule and reassign the service staff daily and sometimes hourly.  Working together as a team, the service managers and the field staff are always in communication, understanding changes happen and working together to find the best possible solution for our clients.  We have the best service electricians around, always taking care of our client’s needs, which makes Thompson Electric’s service department the best.

The service department will always be an integral part of Thompson Electric, keeping true to our legacy.  So, the next time you see a Thompson Electric Service Truck, after hours at a client’s facility or home, remember, we are providing a service and continuing a legacy that Alfred C. Thompson started in 1933.