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OSHA 30 in Omaha

The OSHA 30 Training Program provides training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces. The program also provides information regarding workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint.

The OSHA 30 Training Program employees attend 30 hours of classes delivered by Jeff Bennett, Thompson Electric’s OSHA authorized trainer.  The 30 hour class is intended for employees with responsibility for safety in the field or as a refresher class for their personal well-being. The past 2 months Jeff Bennett provided OSHA 30 training for 16 employees from our Omaha office.  This was the fourth OSHA 30 Training class in the past couple years in Omaha.

The 16 employees that attended the OSHA 30 Training were Charles Ball, George Turner, Mick Coffman, Daniel Erdbruger, Bret Falk, Nick Guthrie, Dave Hibler, Lynn Kahnk, Brad Madej, James Mahr, Nick Vincent, Aaron Miller, Chris Saab, Doug Stephens, Dan VanGrud and Richard Roan.

We are proud of the commitment made to achieve the OSHA 30 Certification and recognize those who attended with an OSHA 30 Safety Vest.

Congratulations to all…

Another Hospital for Thompson Electric – Sioux Falls


Thompson Electric of Sioux Falls started the Brookings Municipal Hospital project last fall that will add 62,500 square feet to the east side of Brookings Hospital. The addition’s first floor will house surgery and medical imaging, two of the most common same-day procedures. Plans include a shared reception and registration area for surgery and imaging patients, a drop-off/pick-up area and nearby parking.

The surgical space will expand and include two endoscopy rooms for procedures like colonoscopies. It will also have three spacious operating rooms and private prep and recovery rooms for same-day surgery patients. Imaging will be centrally located between the emergency department and surgery. All imaging modalities, including MRI, X-ray, CT scans, and ultrasound, will be housed together to increase staff efficiency.

The addition’s second floor will house the obstetric and medical/surgical units. Rooms on this floor will focus on patient amenities and allow ample space for families and visitors to gather.

The new medical/surgical unit will have 22 private rooms, each with a private bathroom and shower, natural light from large windows and the latest technology in patient care. Obstetrics will expand to five labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) rooms to increase capacity for births. It will also have a private patient elevator with direct access to surgery to ensure privacy for emergency Caesarean deliveries.

A new 30,000 square-foot medical office building connected to the hospital will be built simultaneously on the northwest side. The space will be leased to current and future medical specialists, such as surgeons and OB-GYNS, who benefit from direct access to the hospital.

Once the medical office building and east side expansion is completed, existing hospital space will be renovated to accommodate services displaced due to the new construction.

The Medical Office Building is scheduled to be completed by August 2016 and the hospital work is scheduled for early 2017 completion.

Team Thompson includes Mike Anderson (Project Manager), Keith Gorter (Foreman), Cory Schmeling (2nd Foreman) and 3 others as of now, with the expectations for having as many as 20 others on site during the peak of construction.

OSHA 30 for Sioux Falls


In February, Jeff Bennett, Director of Safety for Thompson Electric, concluded OSHA 30 training for 21 Sioux Falls employees. Training that consisted of 4 consecutive Saturday 7 ½ hour training classes.  Dan Wrightsman, Nate Hof, Jerod Brazee, Brian Gaede, Dustin Houser, Keith Gorter, Cory Schmeling, Dennis Schmidt, Todd Hochstein, Derek Bundesen, Jeremiah Lindberg, Adam Carpenter, John P Morgan, Kyle Evans, Dustin Forde, Jon Parsons, Josh Ness, James Barber, Gene Lustfield, Wes Kloucek and Scott Ducheneaux all received their certificates for the OHSA 30 training.

As a company, Thompson Electric and Electric Innovations now have 58 employees with OHSA 30 certified training.  This is an outstanding accomplishment to have approximately 20% of our field employees now OSHA 30 certified.  Our congratulations to all, who dedicated their time to complete the class.

The next safety initiative is updating our employees on the changes in the NFPA 70E 2015 Edition.  Safety is and always will be in the front and center for Thompson Electric and our employees.  Until the next safety training session, be safe, work safe and return home safe.  That’s the TEC Corp family of company’s safety goal.

OSHA 30 class in Sioux City:


This past November, in continuing Thompson Electric’s commitment to safety for our employees and job site safety, Jeff Bennett, Safety Director, taught an OSHA 30 class in Sioux City.  The interest and participation by Thompson Electric’s and Electric Innovations staff was tremendous.  Corey Gilmore, Cody Parameter, Casey Meinen, Devin Graves, Chad Husted, Ron Grimsley, Jerry Grimsley, Josh Grimsley, Blake Smith, Raul Diaz, Jeff Sales, Brent Stansbury Sr., Corey Floyd, Ed Anderson, Emilio Valadez and Mike Sindelar from Thompson Electric and Bob Treptow, Wade VanMeter, Joe Ortmann, Jess Meinen and Brent Corio from Electric Innovations all took and completed the OSHA 30 Training.

Last April, the Omaha office had 16 employees complete their OSHA 30 training and now, 21 from the Sioux City office have completed their training, showing the commitment by our employees to always improving their safety efforts.  This course was voluntary, taught during off hours and requires 30 hours of classroom training.

In this day and age of insurance and legal ramifications of liability, this shows a commitment to Thompson Electric’s safety program and also to themselves to help understand the workplace hazards.

Employee safety and job site safety doesn’t happen by itself, it’s a commitment from our employees that makes our work place safe and we all appreciate their efforts.

Jeff is now working with the Sioux Falls office in setting up an OSHA 30 Training class this spring.  That will be impressive as all of Thompson Electric’s offices will have provided our employees with the opportunity for OSHA 30 training within a year.

In appreciation for their commitment to taking these classes, TEC Corp gave each of the guys a new hooded sweatshirt with OSHA 30 Trained, Committed to Safety.

Congratulations to all…

OSHA 30 Training







This past Saturday, in a continuing effort to maintain the high safety standards for Thompson Electric, we concluded a 4 week OSHA 30 training session in Omaha.  What made this training unique was the fact that the training was requested by some of the field staff in Omaha and as a result of their request, we had 16 employees, Corey Ainsworth, Eloy Avalos, Russ Armstrong, Tom Babb, Kirk Black, Jeff Bonham, Jamen Cates, Alex Hibler, Dave Hibler, Rocky Mathews, Cody Nielson, Joshua Painter, Eli Rahman, Mike Staiert and Nick Vincent, all came in on their own time to achieve the OSHA Outreach Training Program certification.

What is OSHA 30 and why is it important?  The OSHA Outreach Training Program provides training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of safety and health hazards in the workplace.  OSHA 30 is 30 hours of classes delivered by Jeff Bennett, Thompson Electric’s Safety Director, an OSHA authorized trainer. The OSHA 30 training is intended for supervisors or workers with some safety responsibility.

As a result of the success in Omaha, some of the field staff in Sioux Falls has requested that they have the opportunity to go through the OSHA 30 training.  Jeff is currently working with them on dates and a location to hold the training.  Jeff is currently gauging the interest in Sioux City for the training as well.

I asked Skip Perley, CEO, what he thought about the request by some of our field staff for the training?  “AWESOME”, I couldn’t be prouder of our employees who requested the additional training.  It shows a commitment to Thompson Electric’s safety program and also to themselves to help understand the workplace hazards. Just “AWESOME”.

In appreciation of these guys coming in on their own time, Skip wanted to do something special for them, so we presented them with a Carhartt flannel lined canvas jacket/shirt, TE OSHA 30 Trained, Committed to Safety.  Congratulations and don’t they look great in their new TE jackets?