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Elite Tradesman Competition…

Al Bermudez has been an employee for Thompson Electric – Sioux City for 5 years and is in his 5th year apprenticeship.  Al recently participated in his second Ideal Tools – Elite Tradesman Competition, at Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Al began his competition locally, on a Saturday at Echo Supply.  The competition included pulling two wires using fish tape thru 3 boxes, connecting one single pole switch in one box, making a slice in the second box, and finally toning out the wires to ensure the switch worked correctly. The judging factors were time, quality and all work had to meet code standards. Al had the fastest apprentice time of 53 seconds.

For the second year in a row Al was one of the 30 finalists that were flown to Lake Buena Vista for the national competition.  There was a total of 35,000 applicants nationwide.  That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment of its own, but it gets better.

The project he worked on was one he does a lot here at Thompson, LED retrofit and convert a single pole switch that was controlling the lights to 2 three-way switches. Al placed 18th this year in the apprentice division which is a great accomplishment.

Al stated, “I’m just so glad that I have had the chance to represent the state of Iowa twice in Ideals electrical competition. This shows that Sioux City JATC is excelling in training us to succeed in our trade.  I am grateful for the journeymen that have taught me so much over the years. I know I could never have gotten as far as I did in these past two years without the skills I learned from them. So a huge thank you to them!”

That’s quite an accomplishment for Al and all of us at Thompson Electric are very proud of Al’s accomplishments.  Awesome job Al we can’t wait for the 2018 competition…


Career Fairs and Opportunities…



These past couple of months, we have been attending career fairs, recruiting young people to make a career choice working for Thompson Electric.  We have attended the career fairs for Mitchell Technology Institute in Mitchell, SD, Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon, IA and Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, NE. with Western Iowa Tech in Sioux City, IA and Southeast Community College in Sioux Falls, SD still to come this spring.  We have found success with young people, when we showcase Thompson Electric and all of the benefits of making a career in the electrical industry.

This is the 3rd year Thompson Electric has participated in these career fairs and they have been very beneficial in recruiting young people to make a career at Thompson Electric.  There are a lot of young talented people out there and we need to continue to be proactive in recruiting and retaining these individuals.  They are our future and our future is now.

Turning to iPads and a Mobile App Helping Keep Nebraska’s Lights On

Review of 2015


With 2015 officially in the books, it’s time to look back at the year and review some of the events that happened at Thompson Electric.  Overall, 2015 was a very good year for all of Thompson Electric’s offices.

When comparing years, it’s difficult because of the one and done large projects that can skew the financial and manpower data.  With adjustments made, 2015 was one of the best years for overall revenue, continued increase in our man hours worked and having a very good year of safety on the job sites.  In addition to that, Thompson Specialty Services continues to grow with arc flash and infrared thermal imaging and the addition of sustainability with LED lighting retro refits and we have entered the solar market and are looking at the viability of battery storage in our markets.

With all of the Thompson office’s experiencing revenue growth and increased man hours worked, there are certain challenges that need to be addressed.  The leadership group met this fall and will continue to meet to discuss Thompson Electric’s growth and the challenges from that growth, primarily finding excellent young people to become a part of our industry.

Looking back is educational, but looking ahead is very exciting at Thompson Electric.

Something new…










This past year has been a year of changes, especially when it comes to company logos.  Just recently TEC Corp has introduced a new logo and a few months ago, Electric Innovations created a new logo, while Thompson Electric’s logo will remain the same.

The creation of new logos also coincides with the new web-sites that are very close to going live.  In the next couple of weeks, Thompson Electric and TEC Corp web-sites will be operational and shortly thereafter, Electric Innovations new web-site will be up and running.  I’ll keep you informed on when they launch.

In the meantime, check out the new logos.

Customer Service…

CS23When we think of customer service, we usually think of waiting in line to return something or making a call and then being put on hold for the next available agent.  Really…is that customer service?  It may be for a lot of companies, but not for Thompson Electric.

At Thompson Electric, does customer service start at the top and flow down or does it start at the bottom and flow up?  Neither, customer service is not one thing, it’s the entire company.  Everybody has a major part in customer service and that is what makes Thompson Electric special.

This past week I’ve had the privilege of listening to some of our clients speak about Thompson Electric.

Here are some on the things our clients are saying – easy to do business with Thompson Electric, they’re very responsive to our needs, the problem is fixed not patched up, their electricians are always courteous and very aware of our needs, they give us great service, they’re on time and there when they say they will be and much more.

Customer service is not something you wake up in the morning and say, “I think I’ll work on my customer service today”, it’s a part of you, it’s a part of your job and it’s a big part of Thompson Electric.

Thompson Electric’s customer service is outstanding and we all should be very proud that our clients recognize this.  So let’s continue keep our clients happy with Thompson Electric’s tradition of great customer service.

You never know where you’ll see…


A couple of weeks ago, we were out taking photos for Thompson Electric’s new web site, when we ran across Mike Colling, a service electrician for Thompson Electric – Sioux City.  It’s not all that unusual to see Thompson Electric’s service vans around the area, but sometimes you can see them in places that you wouldn’t think as an area that needs electrical service.

This was the case with Mike.  He was working at Wynstone Development, a housing development in McCook Lake, SD., on the lighting system at the main entrance.  At first glance, we thought we were looking at a landscaper doing work and then realized there was a Thompson Electric service van and Mike was in the dirt working to fix the lighting system. Part of the fix for the lighting system was to remove some flowers to get at the repairs needed and then replant the flowers.  So Mike is part landscaper and full time electrician.

This just shows that you never can tell where you’ll see a Thompson Service electrician.