Innovate – Electrical/Technology Expo


On April 26th, TEC Corp hosted its first Innovate – Electrical/Technology Expo in Sioux City.  This was a very unique event that brought together new and existing customers, vendors and our company representatives to showcase and demonstrate new products and services.

We had over 30 vendors and suppliers and over 60 people from TEC Corp, Thompson Electric and Electric Innovations, participate in the Innovate Expo, talking directly with new and existing customers.  This presented a great opportunity for our customers to learn about the newest technology and how TE and EI continually work with our vendors to keep current and inform our customers of the latest and greatest products and technology.

We had over 225 customers and potentially new customers attend the Innovate Expo.  It was a very exciting day and we were extremely pleased with the turnout and overall success of the Innovate Expo.  We have heard a lot of positive results from both customers and vendors.  The Innovate Expo made the news on KTIV Channel 4 and the National NECA Newsletter, as well as, the Growing Siouxland radio program.

Of all of the great booths and displays we had, there was one that people really seemed to enjoy, “Sneaky’s Chicken”, who catered the event.  Their chicken, as usual, was very tasty.

Thanks to all who attended and made the expo a success.  We look forward to doing it again.