Missing an arm


Today, I felt like I was missing my right arm.  Why, well because my hard drive on my laptop crashed and left me in a dilemma as how to do my job.  You never realize how dependent you become on technology until you don’t have it available.

Everything I have related to work is on my laptop.  I imagine a lot of you would also be in this same dilemma.  Emails, proposals, client contacts, reports, internet, internal drives, everything is on my laptop.  It really is a helpless feeling.

Stop and think about how much technology we use today and what would happen to you, if you had a technology failure of your computer and or your smart phone.  Do you have phone numbers memorized, probably not all of them, you either use voice activation to call someone or you use speed dial.  You get directions from Google maps, who ever reads a paper map anymore.  There are many more examples that could be shown, but then I would have a really long blog.

So, stop and think how your world would be if you didn’t have technology at your finger tips.  At first thought, you might say, it would be wonderful, but after you think about it, you probably wouldn’t be very efficient or productive at your job.  And admit it, you like all this technology.