WOW…That’s a Duct Bank


That’s a duct bank indeed. Thompson Electric in Omaha is working on the largest underground duct bank ever assembled in our prefabrication shops.  These assemblies consist of 162 pieces of PVC Schedule 40 pipe in 20 foot lengths, that’s 3,240 linear feet of PVC per assembly.  That’s over a ½ mile of PVC in each.  There are 12 assemblies needed for this project and there are also 4 sizes of PVC in each assembly, 1”, 2”, 2 ½” and 4”.

There were several challenges to overcome with this assembly, including how to glue them together, hoist them in place, creating a template that meets code and is sturdy enough to hold the PVC in place and how to allow for a 30 degree offset.  All of these challenges were solved, but I’m not going to give away our secrets on how we did this, but just know, it took some real ingenuity from the Thompson team.

These underground duct banks are for the Capital District Apartment building in Omaha, a 14 story building with 218 apartments, plus all of the amenities.

This out of the box thinking is what separates Thompson Electric from our competition.