Tis the Season


This is the time of year that makes us feel good.  Seeing family and friends that you may not have seen since last Christmas.  Telling family stories, laughing, hugging and usually eating way too much.  This just makes a person appreciate everything we have in life, especially our families.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so blessed.  But there is a way to help.  The Salvation has their Red Kettles with bell ringers along with their annual Toy Drive with Hats, Mittens and Coats this year.  Thompson Electric is sponsoring the Salvation Army Toy Drive with Hats, Mittens and Coats.  Just bring your gifts in and place them under our Christmas tree.  Or you may want to give to your local church or one of the other worthy charities, just give with a generous heart.

So this year, if it’s in your heart and bank account, be in a charitable way and help someone in need.  I know, it will be greatly appreciated.