Trade Ally Partners


Thompson Electric Companies recently became a Trade Ally Partner with MidAmerican Energy.  Currently there are 77 Trade Ally Partners in the MidAmerican network representing 136 offices.  All of Thompson Electric’s offices, Sioux City, Omaha and Sioux Falls are considered a Trade Ally Partner.

What is a Trade Ally Partner?

We are a partner with MidAmerican Energy in providing our clients with the opportunities to take advantage of rebate programs and energy assessments.  In essences, MidAmerican Energy will keep us informed on rebates and program changes so we can work on behalf of our clients to tell them what programs and rebates they are eligible for and will process the necessary paperwork for our clients to receive their rebates.

MidAmerican Energy has six different programs for Homecheck, Multifamily Housing, Low Income Multifamily Housing, Agribusiness, Commercial Energy Solutions and Industrial Partners.

Call Mike Pendergast at Thompson Specialty Services (712-224-3830) to see what programs or rebates you might be eligible for.