USS Sioux City Crest Unveiled at Siouxland Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner


The USS Sioux City, one of the Navy’s new class of littoral combat ships, is nearing completion at a Marinette, Wisconsin ship yard.  The USS Sioux City will be the 11th of the new class of ships, designed to sail nearer the coast and into shallower waters than other naval vessels.  The ships are designed for mine detection, clearing mines, anti-submarine warfare and surface warfare.  It’s expected to be launched in December 2015.

The USS Sioux City commander and other crew members were guests at the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner where the USS Sioux City crest was unveiled.  The crest features the colors of the Iowa flag, the Floyd Monument, and other local features to tie the ship to our community.

The ship will be commissioned in the spring of 2017.  Work began on the ship in 2014 with the keel laying at Marinette Marine, in Marinette, Wisconsin.  When complete the USS Sioux City will carry a crew of 95 on missions as long as 21 days.  The ship weighs 3,500 metric tons, and measures nearly 380 ft. long.

Posted by Siouxland Chamber of Commerce on Sept 30th.