It’s that time of year…
















Where has the time gone?  It’s almost the start of school and it seems like summer should just be starting.  The start of school affects us all in different ways.  Just how we deal with it, is what matters.

Whether you are working in the office or field, we now have to pay closer attention to children on the way to school, young drivers with a car full of distractions and the school buses.  The same can be said about later in the day, when we are leaving our jobs.  There are after school activities, children walking home, same young drivers hurrying to go someplace (they aren’t always sure where), and the school buses.

Routines also change, getting up earlier, the breakfast schedule, little more traffic, and so more time is needed to get to work, after school activities with volleyball, football and lots of other activities.

So, way am I blogging about back to school and the summer going so fast.  Focus and Safety.  We can become distracted very easily thinking about our kids and grandkids.  So we need to stay focused on the tasks at hand and continue to maintain the excellence of safety coming to, working and going home from your workplace.  So continue your safe ways and get home safe and enjoy.

So, when you see the kids at the bus stop, think back about your school days.  For some of us, it was a long, long time ago, but, it also seems like just yesterday.

Stay Focused and Be Safe…