Building Relationships

d3ecaddab79b5d699ad6c1284687c54e_1423127785Building Relationships with customers, vendors and employees is an important part of Thompson Electric.  Relationships are the personal touch of how we interact with the people we work with each and every day whether it is a customer, vendor or fellow employee.  All of us build these relationships and whether you realize it or not, relationships are the fuel that feeds the success of Thompson Electric.

Have you ever considered the relationships that you’ve developed over the years, have they become personal or just business related.  How do you continue to build these relationships?  Do you communicate with them on a regular basis or just when you or they need to have something done?

It takes a commitment to create a good business relationship with people.  People like to be appreciated for who they are and not for only talking with them when they have a need, then they feel used and nobody like’s that feeling.

It’s hard to maintain relationships and harder to build them.  So think about your relationships and how you handle them and ask yourself, am I treating them like I like to be treated?  Depending on your answer, you now have an idea of where you are in your “business relationships”.