Customer Service…

CS23When we think of customer service, we usually think of waiting in line to return something or making a call and then being put on hold for the next available agent.  Really…is that customer service?  It may be for a lot of companies, but not for Thompson Electric.

At Thompson Electric, does customer service start at the top and flow down or does it start at the bottom and flow up?  Neither, customer service is not one thing, it’s the entire company.  Everybody has a major part in customer service and that is what makes Thompson Electric special.

This past week I’ve had the privilege of listening to some of our clients speak about Thompson Electric.

Here are some on the things our clients are saying – easy to do business with Thompson Electric, they’re very responsive to our needs, the problem is fixed not patched up, their electricians are always courteous and very aware of our needs, they give us great service, they’re on time and there when they say they will be and much more.

Customer service is not something you wake up in the morning and say, “I think I’ll work on my customer service today”, it’s a part of you, it’s a part of your job and it’s a big part of Thompson Electric.

Thompson Electric’s customer service is outstanding and we all should be very proud that our clients recognize this.  So let’s continue keep our clients happy with Thompson Electric’s tradition of great customer service.