Change isn’t easy…

highway_w520Routines, habits, every day, regular, like clockwork – these are some of the words or phrases that come to mind when we talk about our personal life or our job.  Is this a good or bad thing?

Everybody likes normalcy in their life, but is there a time when that normalcy becomes stagnant or routine, a habit, every day, regular or like clockwork?  Think about how you start your day, do you have a routine? Do you do the same thing every morning when you get up? Do you do the same thing every morning at your job?  If you fall into this category, maybe it’s time to change things up a little.

Do you ever say? “I’ve been meaning to do that, I’ll call them later, I need to follow up on that”, or whatever cliché’ you want to use, but the end result is the same, you never quite get to it.  If so, then maybe it’s time to change things up.

How can I change?  What can I do different?  How about this for a starter, have something different for breakfast, drive a different route to work.  It may feel a little uncomfortable, but change can be that easy.  How about your job, do you log in, check emails, and get your beverage of choice.  Change it up, call a client you haven’t talked to for a while first thing, get that task you’ve been putting off completed first thing.  You’ll feel better and your day will go faster and you’ll feel more productive.  Change up your routine, remember, change is good.

Your life does not get better by chance.  It gets better by change. By Jim Rohn