It’s all about the surprise


Normally we don’t blog about some one’s birthday, but today I’m making an exception.  Last week was Skip’s 60th birthday.  Kevin “Skip” Perley, in case you didn’t know Skip wasn’t his given name, has been President or CEO of TEC Corp, Thompson Electric and Electric Innovations for close to 20 years.

A surprise party was held last Monday with co-workers, family and close friends taking part.  The surprise, was truly a surprise for Skip.  Somehow we managed to keep the party a secret from Skip and on Monday he was brought to The Thompson Room, and given a grand ovation.  Usually Skip is not at a loss for words, but the surprise left him speechless.  It didn’t take long for Skip to regain his composure and he did get up and speak a few words, not only once but twice.

It was a very good day, and I was truly honored and privileged to be able to help celebrate a milestone birthday for our leader and friend, Skip, and we wish him many more birthdays to come.