You never know where you’ll see…


A couple of weeks ago, we were out taking photos for Thompson Electric’s new web site, when we ran across Mike Colling, a service electrician for Thompson Electric – Sioux City.  It’s not all that unusual to see Thompson Electric’s service vans around the area, but sometimes you can see them in places that you wouldn’t think as an area that needs electrical service.

This was the case with Mike.  He was working at Wynstone Development, a housing development in McCook Lake, SD., on the lighting system at the main entrance.  At first glance, we thought we were looking at a landscaper doing work and then realized there was a Thompson Electric service van and Mike was in the dirt working to fix the lighting system. Part of the fix for the lighting system was to remove some flowers to get at the repairs needed and then replant the flowers.  So Mike is part landscaper and full time electrician.

This just shows that you never can tell where you’ll see a Thompson Service electrician.