Charity Events

Most of us think of Christmas when someone mentions a charity event.  But some of the largest charity events are held during the spring and summer on the golf course.

Golfing events have always been a popular way for charities to raise money and inform their supporters of the accomplishments that they have completed this past year.  These events are not just about golfing, if you are a serious golfer, you probably don’t like playing in a scramble, but more of a renewed enthusiasm and that breath of fresh air needed to continue working toward their goals.

All of Thompson Electric offices participate in many of these golfing events, not only by participating in the golf, but also by being a sponsor and donator to their cause.  It’s a great way to support and continue to build those relationships with our clients.

So next time someone says that they are participating in a charity golfing event, it’s not about the golf, it’s about raising money for many, very good causes.