MikeP-4C-SM Thompson Specialty Services group started with Infrared Thermal Imaging, then added Arc Flash Risk Assessment.  A couple of months ago, Sustainability was also added into the Thompson Specialty Group.  Sustainability will be led by Mike Pendergast, who worked for Thompson Electric as a service electrician for about 5 years.

Mike will be responsible for all aspects of sustainability, starting with expanding the lighting retrofits for all types of businesses, but also including Solar Power, Wind Power, Battery Back-up systems and other types of renewable energy sources we are still investigating.

As technology continues to change at a rapid pace, Thompson Electric also needs to keep pace.  By adding Sustainability, we are positioning ourselves as a leader for providing and installing renewable energy equipment and systems.  This is all part of the strategic growth plan for Thompson Electric and we look forward to the continued growth of Thompson Specialty Services.

For today, we welcome Mike to the Thompson Specialty Services team.