2015 Avera Race Against Breast Cancer:



On Saturday, May 9th, Thompson Electric of Sioux Falls had an outstanding number of employees and family members participate in the Avera Race Against Breast Cancer.  The event had over 5500 participants, and Thompson Electric had a strong showing of 30 employees and family members participating, which included 4 (Seth Larson, Chris Freeman, Nicole Osterman and Lori Spader) that ran the 5K run and 26 (Brian Spader, Sophia Spader, Emmersyn Spader, Tim Kayser, Alex Kayser, Ted Heath, Ella Heath, Violet Heath, Mark Tycz, Amy Tycz, Tia Tycz, Chloe Tycz, Tyson Tycz, Camden Tycz, Nate Shroer, Luke Schulte, Jeremy VanWell, Mike Anderson, Dan Wrightsman, Tom Wallin, Jerimiah Lindberg, Matt Warne, Justin Lockwood, Bryan Mergen, Jeff Parsons and Jonathon Parsons) did the 3 Mile Walk.

The Avera Race Against Breast Cancer raised over $400,000 and we’re proud of our employees and their families for supporting the cause.  We all have been affected by cancer in some way and events like this will someday help find a cure for cancer.

Thank you Thompson Electric – Sioux Falls