Bike Riders



As spring continues to brighten our lives with sunny days and warmer temperatures, it feels good to be outside with Mother Nature.

After the long days of winter, sitting in an office and looking outside, when that warm and sunny day appears, sometimes you just have to go outside and take advantage, ever how short it is, to enjoy the fresh air.  Recently, three of our Project Managers, had such a day.  Ray DeWitt, Barrie Larsen and Rob Costello took the company bicycles for a lunch time ride.  I don’t know what inspired them to go on a ride, maybe the sunny day, maybe they needed to relax and relieve some stress or maybe they are getting ready to ride in RAGBRAI, which starts in Sioux City this year.

Whatever the reason, it’s great to see the bicycles that TEC Corp purchased last year for our employees as part of the Blue Zone initiative, getting a good work out.

I hope to see more employees taking advantage of those sunny days, going for a bike ride.