Pot Luck Challenge

Last week the Omaha office had their “Pot Luck Challenge”.  The challenge was to bring a healthy item for the TEC Wellness initiative.  Oh, what a challenge it turned out to be.

The gauntlet was thrown down early on Friday morning by self-proclaimed Master Chef, Gary Kelly.


Kevin Lytle responded to all employees in Omaha.

This is an URGENT announcement for everyone’s safety and well being!!!!!! Gary is not announcing his selection due to a very underhanded trick that he has been planning since this challenge was announced and since losing the last challenge to Theresa and Aline.  So beware of his mystery POT LUCK DISH!!!!!! And please do not vote for him as we do not want to support him with this type of activity within our company!!!!!! Please stay alert and pay close attention to Gary as to what dish he is bringing tomorrow!!!!!



When it was all over, Gary had prepared the winning dish for the competition with a grilled salmon fillet, grilled fresh green beans and grilled cherry tomatoes.  I was there, and it was really good.  Overall, there were many great tasting, healthy items at the Omaha Pot Luck Challenge.  It was a lot of fun and very tasty.