22nd Annual Awards Banquet


Last Saturday night was the 22nd Annual TEC Corp Awards Banquet held at the Marina Inn & Conference Center in South Sioux City, NE.  This night is a celebration of Employee Excellence for Thompson Electric Co., Electric Innovations, Thompson Teledata and TEC Corp.

The night started with a social event of dinner and drinks, followed by the State of the Company address by Skip (Scooter) Perley, our favorite CEO, leading into the Years of Service and Safety Awards.

TEC Corp set a new record with 918,000 man hours worked in 2014, smashing last year’s record of 667,000 man hours.  Thompson Electric also completed the Data Center in Council Bluffs and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Sioux City, two of the largest projects ever done by Thompson Electric.  Overall, every group had an outstanding year and 2015 looks to be just as good if not better than last year.

With the Safety Awards, we had 114 recipients who have worked 1 to 4 years with no incidents, we had 37 recipients with 5 to 9 years and no incidents, 24 recipients working 10 to 20 years with no incidents.  Chad Muecke has worked safely for 21 years, and Chuck Carnell, Tim Hall, Roger Scheitler and John Staiert each have worked 22 years without an incident.  This is an outstanding achievement for Chad, Chuck, Tim, Roger and John to work over 42,000 man hours with no incidents.  Congratulations to all on their safety achievements.

With the Years of Service Awards, a special recognition for Bob Treptow of Electric Innovations with 30 years of service, Paul Kambach with 25 years and John Young with 35 years of service for Thompson Electric Company.  Congratulations to all who received the Years of Service recognition.

To top off the evening we were entertained by Bob Zany’s One Man, 3 Chicks & A Bay-Bee Show, a fabulous magician and comedian duo.

Thanks to all who attended and we hope you had a good time.