OSHA 30 class in Sioux City:


This past November, in continuing Thompson Electric’s commitment to safety for our employees and job site safety, Jeff Bennett, Safety Director, taught an OSHA 30 class in Sioux City.  The interest and participation by Thompson Electric’s and Electric Innovations staff was tremendous.  Corey Gilmore, Cody Parameter, Casey Meinen, Devin Graves, Chad Husted, Ron Grimsley, Jerry Grimsley, Josh Grimsley, Blake Smith, Raul Diaz, Jeff Sales, Brent Stansbury Sr., Corey Floyd, Ed Anderson, Emilio Valadez and Mike Sindelar from Thompson Electric and Bob Treptow, Wade VanMeter, Joe Ortmann, Jess Meinen and Brent Corio from Electric Innovations all took and completed the OSHA 30 Training.

Last April, the Omaha office had 16 employees complete their OSHA 30 training and now, 21 from the Sioux City office have completed their training, showing the commitment by our employees to always improving their safety efforts.  This course was voluntary, taught during off hours and requires 30 hours of classroom training.

In this day and age of insurance and legal ramifications of liability, this shows a commitment to Thompson Electric’s safety program and also to themselves to help understand the workplace hazards.

Employee safety and job site safety doesn’t happen by itself, it’s a commitment from our employees that makes our work place safe and we all appreciate their efforts.

Jeff is now working with the Sioux Falls office in setting up an OSHA 30 Training class this spring.  That will be impressive as all of Thompson Electric’s offices will have provided our employees with the opportunity for OSHA 30 training within a year.

In appreciation for their commitment to taking these classes, TEC Corp gave each of the guys a new hooded sweatshirt with OSHA 30 Trained, Committed to Safety.

Congratulations to all…