Thompson Electric goes Nostalgic



The Thompson Electric Building Committee for the Sioux City office has incorporated part of the history of Sioux City. The committee has chosen to name the Sioux City office conference rooms and other rooms after historical landmarks in Sioux City.

Each conference room and break room has a plaque that has the history of each building in which it is named after.

The conference rooms are now named:

The City – (The Charles City College Hall)

The Exchange – (The Livestock Exchange)

The War – (The Warrior Hotel)

The Orpheum – (The Orpheum Theatre)

The Hall – (Heelan Hall)

The Battery – (The Battery Building)

The Learning Center is now:

The Thompson – (Thompson Electric)

The TEC Penthouse is now:

The Standard – (Standard Oil Company)

The TEC Outdoor is now:

The Castle – (Central High School “Castle on the Hill”)

The Workout Room is now:

The “Y” – (Old YMCA)

The Break Room is now:

The Tastee – (The Tastee Inn & Out)


Another suggestion from the building committee was to create a history of Thompson and Electric Innovations with memorabilia.  Glass cases now adorn the entrances to Thompson Electric and Electric Innovations with current and past items and images that reflect back on the history of TE and EI.

The Thompson has shelves and a very impressive collection of current and past awards won by Thompson Electric through the years demonstrating a long time commitment to the Siouxland area.

The Building Committee should be congratulated for incorporating the history of Sioux City into our historical building.