Corey and Mike go back to school:














Dear Mr. Skip Perley,

I am writing to commend two of your electricians for their community service Monday, November, 3, 2014.

Mr. Mike Pendergast and Mr. Corey Floyd came to speak to 4th graders at Irving Elementary School about being electricians because “electricity” is our focus in Science right now. Mike and Corey provided real life applications to what we are studying in class. They answered the following questions: How did you become interested in becoming an electrician? How did you learn how to be an electrician? What do electricians do? What is a typical day / week like for an electrician? They “sparked” student interest by showing them equipment from inside the van and blueprints. Your electricians promoted their career to these impressionable learners and spoke very highly of Thompson Electric. They inspired them to work on reading, math and studying skills in school. They described how electricians are brave, smart, organized and know how to work as a team.

You can be very proud of these two employees.


Elise Burrows

Teacher, Irving Elementary School


A big “thank you” to Corey and Mike for representing Thompson Electric and our industry so well.

This is another example of Thompson Electric’s employees going above and beyond their job descriptions.  This is what makes Thompson Electric special, employees taking pride in what they do and willing to go the extra mile, no matter who it is for.