TEC Wellness

TEC Wellness

In the past few months, TEC Corp has formed a wellness committee. This includes volunteers from all branches of Thompson Electric, Electric Innovations and TEC-Corp.

The goal of the Wellness Committee was to create a mission statement, to provide educational information on health and to establish healthy activities for employees to participate in.

TEC Wellness Mission:

It is the mission of TEC-Corp to transform, educate and demonstrate commitment of holistic well-being to all employees and the community. Employees are encouraged to participate in education classes and disease screenings that help identify and reduce health risks before serious health problems occur or allow better management of existing conditions.

As a committee, the TEC Wellness group is working on health screenings and personal coaching. As TEC-Corp feels this is a great start to knowing what your health and goals should be going forward, you will also see a monthly calendar that has TEC Wellness goals, healthy tips and activities going on in your community such as fun runs, charity events and challenges that the TEC Wellness committee has put together. Please watch your emails and office bulletin boards for these calendars and events. If you have something to contribute to your branch’s calendar, please contact George Turner in Omaha, Mark Tycz in Sioux Falls or Erin Stabile in Sioux City.

TEC Wellness looks forward to getting everyone involved in the various challenges and activities that we will be rolling out. If you have questions or suggestions, please let a committee member know!

TEC Wellness Committee:

Lyndsay Pelchat, Karen Hodges, Mike Hames, Vicki Boyok, Renee Beaulieu, Sherri Sanderson, Erin Stabile, Kent Grange, George Turner, Mark Tycz, Judy Grimsley

Live Longer, Live Better