Cargill’s Electrical Preventive Maintenance


This past month Thompson Electric was onsite at Cargill’s Soybean Crush and Refinery plants in Sioux City to perform the annual maintenance on their electrical equipment.  Thompson Electric has been preforming this work for over 30 years.

To perform, what they call in the industry, a total shutdown, requires a lot of preplanning and coordination between Cargill and Thompson Electric.  Thompson’s team for Cargill is led by Dusty Small, project manager and Mike Graves and Roger Scheitler, TE’s foreman.  They coordinated all of the breaker load testing, cleaning of the switchgear, distributions panels, transformers, torqueing and tightening of all lugs, bolts and screws which hold in place all electrical connections.  This is a painstaking job, so it requires a large staff to perform all of this cleaning and torqueing in one day.  A staff of 24 field personnel was assembled at the crush plant and 11 field personnel at the refinery plant to make sure all of this work was completed by the deadline, and it was.  We also installed IR windows in 6 transformers which allows for Infrared Thermal Imaging without the risk of personal injury by not having to open the cabinets.

Electrical Preventive Maintenance is becoming more of an industry requirement, as insurance companies are starting to require companies to perform this work as a means of reducing their risk and increasing their safety factor as well as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E has increased the code requirements for safety on electrical systems.

Thompson Electric is unique in that we have the ability to provide 35 or more capable electricians to perform this work.  Another specialty service offered by Thompson Electric.