Thompson Specialty Services


What is Thompson Specialty Services?  Thompson Specialty Services was created to be the brand for Thompson Electric’s Infrared Thermal Imaging, Arc Flash Analysis and Electrical Preventive Maintenance programs.  We wanted to create a separate identity to promote these special services offered by Thompson Electric.

About a month ago, Thompson Electric, hired Gary Kelly to be our full time Infrared Thermographer.  Gary is a certified Thermographer and is responsible for the Infrared Thermal Imaging program, from finding the opportunities to taking the infrared scans and preparing the reports.  Infrared technology captures the energy (heat) emitted by an electrical devise to identify potential problems.

The Arc Flash Analysis program is a team effort with Pat Smith and Gary Kelly.  Pat and Gary work together on marketing, making presentations, to preparing the Arc Flash Analysis report for existing or new clients.  What the Arc Flash program does is to create the safety requirements and the proper personal protection equipment needed to open electrical cabinets or switchgear.

The leadership of Thompson Electric is looking to expand our existing Electrical Preventive Maintenance program to all existing clients as well as new clients.  This program provides clients with preventive maintenance on all of their electrical equipment including the checking of breakers to the cleaning of all electrical cabinets and gear.

These three services, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Arc Flash Analysis and Electrical Preventive Maintenance, provide our clients with valuable information.  All of these services coincide together, thus Thompson Specialty Services was established.