Ice Bucket Challenge comes to Thompson Electric



The Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon that’s spreading ALS Awareness across the country has come to Thompson Electric.  Last week, Kevin Lytle, VP of the Omaha office, after being challenged to do the Ice Bucket Challenge himself, issued an Ice Bucket Challenge to Skip Perley (Pres.) of Thompson Electric.

So, Skip sent an email out seeking volunteers to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge with him on Friday afternoon.  He had 4 suckers, (volunteers) to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge with him.  Vicki, Erin, Barney, Kent agreed to take the Ice Bucket Challenge with Skip, all for a good cause in supporting the ALS Association.

I have heard a lot of our employees and followers have taken the Ice Bucket Challenge, but we challenge the ones who have not, to take the Ice Bucket Challenge and make a donation to the ALS Association.  Donations can be made online at .  This is a tremendous opportunity to help fund the research and find a cure for this dreadful disease.  As of August 25th, over $79 million dollars have been raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Don’t be a bystander, just do it…It’s for a great cause.

Click on the link and watch the Thompson Electric Ice Bucket Challenge.