Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Grand Opening



Thompson Electric’s work was on full display last Friday night with the Grand Opening of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Sioux City.  The lights were bright, the gaming floor was abuzz with the lights and sounds of the slot machines and the hotel lit up like a Christmas tree with the 50ft tall Hard Rock Guitar on top of the building shining like a star.

Thompson Electric started work on the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in August of 2013.  The scope of the work included the renovation of the Battery Building, a four story warehouse originally built in 1906, into the 54 key Hard Rock Hotel complete with restaurants. As part of the 100,000 square foot Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, a new 30,000 square feet casino, including the “Anthem” concert bar and an outdoor concert venue called “The Backyard”, were added onto the existing building.

At the height of construction, Thompson Electric had 63 workers on site, often working long hours, 6 days a week including some holidays.

A “Big Congratulations” goes to the Thompson Electric team for a job well done.  The Thompson Electric team included – Project Manager – Ray DeWitt, General Foreman – John Young, and Foremen – Jon Ellwanger, Ron Grimsley, Jim Peterson, Bill Pratt, Chris Scott, Shannon Vornhagen and all the other members of the Thompson Electric field and office teams whose extensive efforts lead to a successful project.

With the high visibility of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the Thompson Electric’s team work will be on full display for everyone to enjoy every day.