Believe it or not



Believe it or not, but it’s been a year since I started blogging for Thompson Electric.  When we started blogging on July 30, 2013, we had 43 followers and today that number has grown to 192.  That’s an increase of 77% for the year.  Overall that’s a very nice increase in followers and I would like to see that number continue to increase.

It has been a fun and challenging time trying to create interesting blogs that are informative and relevant to Thompson Electric and our industry. During this last year we talked about a lot of different topics ranging from some of Thompson Electric’s projects to charity events that our employees or Thompson Electric participated.  As the year passed, identifying topics of interest became more challenging, so if you have any ideas or topics that you think would be of interest for the blog, please email those ideas to

As we head into our second year of blogging, I would like to see if we can continue to increase our followers, but I need your help. Please tell your family, friends or coworkers to sign up for our blog and I will do my part by trying to make the blogs interesting and relevant in the upcoming year.

Stay tuned and I hope you continue to enjoy the reading.

Thanks for following Thompson Electric Company.