2014 – 1st Half Review



With 2014 at the half way point, it’s time to look back on the first 6 months and see how things are going at Thompson Electric.

All three market areas for Thompson Electric, Sioux City, Sioux Falls and Omaha have major projects coming to an end, but, we also have a substantial backlog of work that will begin in the next few months.  In Sioux City, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino will be substantially completed by August 1, in Omaha the Data Center is nearing completion and in Sioux Falls the Avera Medical Group Southeast Clinic and Walmart are being closed out.

All three offices also have a substantial amount of work that has started or is close to starting.  In Sioux City, Bomgaar’s Warehouse and Hoover School are close to starting and several Sioux City School projects are under way.  In Sioux Falls, Madison Community Hospital, Prince of Peace Assisted Living and Cargill in Emery, SD are under way and in Omaha, University of Nebraska Medical Group – Research Facility and Columbus Health & Wellness Center are in the process of starting.

Thompson Electric also tracks the man hours as a company.  The first 6 months of this year, we have set a new company (all offices) high by recording 560,000 man hours.

Overall, the first 6 months have been very busy, exciting and everybody has been working hard.  We appreciate everybody’s effort and look forward to a safe and successful second half of 2014.