Air Conditioning Management Program



HHR-OPPDBlogThe Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) has an energy savings program called Air Conditioning Management Program.  This programs lets OPPD limit the usage of your home air conditioner between the hours of 4pm to 7pm.  Through load control relays, it cycles the air conditioner unit in 15 minute intervals, 15 minutes off and then 15 minutes on for 3 hours.  This is a voluntary program for the Omaha area residents and for signing up for the program they receive a onetime $50 credit and a yearly $20 credit each August.

Three years ago, Thompson Electric of Omaha was awarded the contract to install the Load Control Relays.  Pat Smith – Service Manager for Omaha, oversees a team of 4 electricians for the coordination and installation of the Load Control Relays.  Each household that installs the Load Control Relay is required to have an electrical permit from the City of Omaha and then be inspected by the city.  In 2012, Pat’s team installed 11,500 Load Control Relays, 2013 they installed 10,000 Load Control Relays and in 2014 they will be installing 10,000 Load Control Relays.  Thompson Electric’s contract with OPPD goes until 2016 with the estimate that we will be installing 10,000 Load Control Relays each year.

The coordination efforts required for this program are extreme.  Pat’s team has worked hard with the City of Omaha to streamline the permit process and has also developed a program of efficiencies to coordinate the installation of the Load Control Relays with minimum travel by the service technicians.

When this contract is complete, Thompson Electric of Omaha will have installed over 50,000 Load Control Relays.  This is just another example of the diverse work that is done at Thompson Electric Company.