ViewPoint – Streamline and Efficient


About 2 years ago, the TEC Corp management team made the commitment to invest in a more effective ERP system that would keep pace with our company growth and meet the technology needs of our employees.

A team was formed which was comprised of office administrators, project management, accounting staff, a field electrician and upper management.  Mike Hames was given the task to lead this group to identify the needs for the entire company and then find a software package that met those needs.  This involved a lot of time for the office team and was no small challenge.  After several internal discussions and meetings with representatives from the software companies, a decision was made to purchase the ViewPoint software.

The ViewPoint software met the needs of the TEC Corp group by providing mobile field capabilities, such as time cards, service work reporting and it has the core accounting software, project management, safety, human resources and the ability for each user to have custom dashboards that were identified as needs.

Now Mike begins a bigger challenge, to implement the changeover, getting people trained and testing the new software to ensure a smooth transition.  This past week the training started with the office administrators and accounting staff.  In the next several weeks additional training will occur for all personnel, with the goal to be fully operational by October 1, 2014.

It’s been over 25 years since we changed our accounting and reporting methods and the purpose of changing to ViewPoint is to become more streamlined, eliminate duplications and make everyone more efficient at their responsibilities.

A “BIG” thank you goes to Mike and his team of Renee, Vicki, Kathy, Deb, Carrie, Judy, Theresa, Darryln, Angi, and Kim for taking on and meeting these challenges.