Career and Technical Education Academy – Sioux Falls

CTE First Day )

Over the past two months, Kent Grange – Director of Business Development, has been in discussions with the CTE Academy in Sioux Falls about the possibility of starting an electrical program.  Meeting with Jim Kayl – Principal and Jim Hawkinson – Career Development Counselor, we decided to proceed with an introduction to becoming an electrician.  The plan is to have Thompson Electric present a 3 day curriculum, in the fall of 2014, on the different areas of an electrical career to gage the interest by the students to move to the next stage of the program.  If there is enough interest by the students, then the CTE Academy will do an introductory to electricity class as part of the construction program, with the ultimate goal of having a dedicated course to the electrical industry.

The curriculum will begin with the basics of electricity, where it comes from and how it is transmitted to the requirements to become a licensed electrician.  We will also include hands on projects including the basics of blue print reading, wiring outlets and switches, putting together electrical component, safety protection and pipe bending.  We will have Thompson Electric personnel involved with the program to ensure the students safety, as well as the proper instruction of how to work safely in the electrical industry.

This is a tremendous opportunity for Thompson Electric to introduce a new generation of students to our industry.