Corporate Services – Assistant Controller



Our Assistant Controller for TEC-Corp is Kathy Preston.  She has been with TEC-Corp for a little over 15 years and has witnessed many changes and has been part of the growth that has happened within TEC Corp business family throughout those years.

Kathy’s primary focus for TEC-Corp is in the sales tax area.  Kathy is responsible for keeping up on the tax laws of Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska and Minnesota and any additional states in which TEC Corp business family might work.   The Assistant Controller duties also include bank reconciliations, setting up employees with fuel cards, fulfilling business information requests, report writing or answering a question on how to use Excel, how to process information through the accounting software, or even setting up keyless door access to the various TEC buildings.

As for the changes over the last 15 years, the growth in all Thompson Electric’s offices stands out the most.  All locations have moved into larger and better facilities to accommodate the growth.  Some of the changes that have affected Kathy are in technology, going from dot matrix printers with piles of green bar printing to the beginnings of going paperless by scanning the information and reviewing it on your computer screen.  Kathy is a prime example of the longevity of many employees working for the TEC-Corp family.

In Kathy’s words, one of the best things about working for TEC-Corp is that “I am able to spread my Christmas cheer. “  Every year she volunteers to set up Christmas trees, wreaths and garland for the season in the Sioux City office.  She’s the Santa Claus for TEC-Corp and Thompson Electric.