Corporate Service – Marketing Coordinator


Corporate Services – Marketing Coordinator is an all-encompassing title. The primary responsibilities of Corporate Services and the Marketing Coordinator is to communicate with and support TEC Corp, Thompson Electric Company, Thompson Teledata and Electric Innovations and help them resolve any issues or needs they have. All offices have similar, yet different Service and Marketing needs.  Erin Stabile was hired two years ago to fill this role.  With the growth of all the companies, the corporate services and marketing coordinator is in more demand than ever.

The marketing coordinator position has many different responsibilities that on any given day may include, event coordination, software support for internal employees, updating and creation of forms, photography for job sites, design needs and employee photos, press releases, HVAC issues, support and monitoring, merchandising design, coordination and ordering.

Erin works with Jeff Bennett – Corporate Safety Director, on safety materials including banners, certification cards, forms, manuals, labels, helping to design and create new safety program materials, ordering safety merchandise, such as hard hats, vests and clothing.  She also spends a lot of time supporting Kent Grange – Director Business Development, on new and future programs, current programs, presentations, creating new marketing materials for upcoming events, ads, banners, posters, social media and putting together prequalification information. Erin also supports Aline Stevenson – Director of Project Management on iPad training, iPad support for the field team, iPad requests and issues, and TEC-U the companies training program and the Annual Banquet coordination.

Corporate Services is a go to position, the requests come from all areas within the companies.  On any given day there is a line at Erin’s door looking to her for support on various projects.  So if you have any marketing needs, wonder how to make a program work or how to make a form easier for you to use, contact Erin, if she can’t make it work, she is the go to resource to help find the answer.