The Future – Looking Bright


What makes Thompson Electric, Thompson Electric?  Is it our offices, vehicles, equipment or inventory?  No, it’s our employees, they’re the life blood of Thompson Electric.  Without our employees, Thompson Electric wouldn’t exist.

One of the biggest challenges today is finding young people to come into our industry to begin the replacement process for our retiring employees.  This past week, Thompson Electric of Sioux Falls had the opportunity to participate in the job fair at Mitchell Technical Institute (MTI) in Mitchell, SD.  Mike Anderson, Project Manager and Kent Grange, Director of Business Development attended the job fair with a goal of hiring 6 students for summer intern positions and/or hire second year students (graduates of the electrical program) for permanent employment.

This was the first year Thompson Electric had attended the MTI job fair and we were hoping to at least hire a couple of students.  The interest in Thompson Electric was overwhelming, for nearly two hours, the length of the job fair, Mike and Kent were in continuous conversation with students about Thompson Electric and why they were interested in our industry.  We met with a lot of terrific students, between 40 and 50 and filled our goal of hiring 6 new employees and probably could have hired 20 or more.  We were very impressed with MTI and the quality of students they have in their electrical program.

Thompson Electric has been participating in the Western Iowa Tech job fair in Sioux City for many years, but this is the start of Thompson Electric actively participating in many other Technical Schools job fairs.  We have stepped up our marketing efforts for these job fairs, by creating a new booth design, new presentations and offering new opportunities to young people.

If the Mitchell Technical Institute’s job fair is any indication for the upcoming job fairs, then the future for Thompson Electric is looking bright.