Director of Project Management


Three years ago, Thompson Electric’s leadership group identified the need for a Director of Project Management.  Aline Stevenson was hired to help the Project Managers in the ever changing and challenging electrical industry.

As our business continues to grow and technology evolves, so does the need to provide our estimators, project managers and field employees with the latest management tools available to complete quality projects in a cost effective and timely manner.  Today’s project manager must be knowledgeable in many different areas such as job cost accounting, information systems, scheduling, and customer service.  The Director of Project Management (DPM) is here to help provide guidance in how to apply these tools to every project.

Today, computer use in construction is the essential tool to run projects.  The DPM provides technology training for the field team and project managers.  This includes iPad training for field use as well as PC training for project managers.  Software training includes Project Doc Control, COINS, TPM, Task Tracker and MS Project.

The Director of Project Management is primarily responsible for promoting professional project management standards and insuring that approved processes are being used effectively.  The TEC Corp approved processes are outlined in the Project Management Manual which is published and maintained by the DPM.  The manual covers the pre-construction planning process as well as management processes during construction.

The Director of Project Management also works with the General Managers to provide oversight on the financial and productivity status of projects and serves as the leader of the Project Management Team Committee that meets every quarter.

So, if you need assistance on the paper trail of a project, Aline is the go to lady.