667,060 and Increasing – Man Hours…



What are man hours?  Man hours are the number of hours worked by the employees of TEC Corp, Thompson Electric, Thompson Teledata and Electric Innovations.  These man hours include all employees, field, shop and office.

Why are they recorded?  The Bureau of Labor requires TEC Corp to track all hours worked, whether it is regular hours or overtime.  The Bureau of Labor uses this information to establish the baseline for injuries, recorded per 100 employees each working 2000 hours per year or 200,000 man hours.  The national average is 2.9 injuries per 200,000 man hours for the electrical industry.  TEC Corp’s average is 1.8 injuries per 200,000 man hours, well below the national average.

We have seen a steady increase in man hours worked over the past few years, but have also seen a steady decrease in injuries.

2010                       425,541 man hours
2011                       437,218 man hours
2012                       467,045 man hours
2013                       667,060 man hours

What does this tell us?  We are growing as a company, and doing it safely.  We have analyzed the man hours, the backlog and the new opportunities being identified, and believe that TEC Corp, Thompson Electric, Thompson Teledata and Electric Innovations will continue to grow.  The future has never been brighter and more optimistic than it is today and it’s exciting to be a part of something special.  WOW…what a year this is going to be.