Thompson Electric Company – Business Development


After several discussions about the need for a Director of Business Development, the Executive Management team, Skip, Renee, Barney, Kevin and Brian, decided the need was there to hire a Director of Business Development.  In June of last year, Kent Grange was hired for the position.

The primary responsibilities of Business Development (BD) is to work with all three offices to develop relationships with new clients, to strengthen existing relationships and to track new opportunities for Thompson Electric.  All three offices have a unique mix of projects and experience.  It’s BD’s role to help diversify each office and find new opportunities.

Another function of the Business Development position is to create awareness and opportunities for Thompson Electric’s specialty services, such as, Infrared Thermal Imaging and Arc Flash Analysis.  These are services we provide, but had no formal marketing program, so with the help of Skip Perley (CEO), Jerry Jongeling (Infrared Thermographer – Sioux Falls) and Erin Stabile (Marketing Coordinator) we have developed an Infrared Thermal Imaging program that meets the needs of our clients.  We are also in the final stages of creating a program for our Arc Flash Analysis.

Business Development is also working with the General Managers to develop a program to present to Technical Institutes and High Schools to help recruit young people to pursue a career in the electrical industry.  This is a challenge to our industry and Thompson Electric has decided that we need to take an active role in trying to recruit young people to our industry.

It’s been 8 months since BD started with Thompson Electric and one of the things that has impressed us most is, Thompson Electric’s people.  When we go out and call on new or existing clients, we have heard nothing but good comments about Thompson Electric and its people.  Everybody has been extremely helpful to us and your professionalism is why Thompson Electric has an outstanding reputation.

P.S. – Kent also writes the blog for Thompson Electric.