Medium Voltage Training – 1000 Volts to 38,000 Volts



On December 5th, Thompson Electric brought in 3M and Echo to provide the training and special equipment for the medium voltage learning session.  They brought to the training session, cable and equipment for a hands on learning experience.  The training also qualifies for CEU credits for continuing education, which all licensed electrician are required to have.

This specialized training was for Thompson’s electricians working on heavy industrial, power plants, wind farms and other industries using medium voltage.  The hands on learning provided the proper techniques for connecting the medium voltage cable.  This cable is very sensitive to the technique used in making the proper connections.  Improper preparation of the connections can cause serious damage to equipment and even the cable itself and could potentially cause serious injury as well.  Also included in the training session was the safety aspect, covering arc flash, cluster grounding and personal protection equipment (PPE).  Another important part of the training in addition to the proper techniques of medium voltage connections is the lockout, tag out and test out process of the safety first procedure.  When working with any voltage, safety first is the top priority to keep everyone safe.

18 of Thompson Electric’s electricians participated in the learning session.  The training was held at the Sioux City office learning center.  This training session is just part of the ongoing learning and education program that Thompson Electric provides to its employees.