Project Profile – Hard Rock Casino and Hotel


Thompson Electric has been awarded the electrical contract for the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Sioux City.  The development budget for the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel is around $ 128 million, making this an interesting and challenging project.  There are a lot of moving pieces involved with a project of this size and scope.  Part of the project is the conversion and renovation of the old Battery building into the hotel and the other part is the new casino and all of the amenities including restaurants, common areas, entertainment areas and back of house, that go with a casino project.

Ray Dewitt is the project manager overseeing the project and John Young, Ron Grimsley and Bill Pratt will be the leadership team for the field activities.  Ray has worked with both John and Ron in the past and is looking forward to working with Bill.  Ray and John just recently completed the Sunnybrook Medical facility in Sioux City.  Their combined experiences brings a level of confidence needed on a project of this size and complexity.

The opening date for the casino is Summer 2014.  The Thompson team has a lot of hard work and many challenges to overcome in the next few months.  As of now, we are just getting a good start on the project, starting to ramp up the manpower needed and Ray is working feverously with the owner confirming the scope for the project and identifying and placing orders for the long lead items required for the project.  Time is already of the essence for the project but I’m sure Ray, John, Ron and Bill will be up for all of the challenges and deliver a successful project for Thompson Electric.