Thompson Electric Committee Members Have a Blast!


The Thompson Electric PM Team, Field Team and Prefab Team committees held their last quarterly meeting of 2013 in Sioux Falls on Friday, October 11.  We welcomed new committee members Ted Heath from Sioux Falls to the PM and Prefab Team,  Brad Madej and Joe Perchal to the Field Team and Jenna Donley to the PM Team, all from Omaha.

This meeting’s theme was Humility.  Team members learned an important quality of a good leader is being humble.  Attendees were called up one at a time and asked to either spell a word or answer a trivia question.  Several people admitted they did not know the answer prior to trying to answer and one person asked if he could get help.  We also had many good spellers and trivia buffs!

The team activity was shooting sporting clays at Hunter’s Pointe in Humboldt, SD.  The Sioux Falls team made arrangements this year for our meeting space to be at the reserve and had a delicious fried chicken lunch catered to us.  Thanks to Darryln Hamilton for arranging this!

We had 4 teams compete in the sporting clay shoot for the best of 50 rounds at 7 different stations.  The winning team was Jeremy VanWell, Ray DeWitt, Corey Floyd and Todd Becker.  The top 3 individual scorers were Jeremy VanWell, Mike Julius and Ted Heath.  It was very refreshing to see experienced shooters assisting the first time shooters. It shows that we have great people on our team who are natural born mentors!

Committee Information:  The PM team committee consists of all Thompson Electric project managers and estimators.  The Field team committee consists of two field supervisors from each Thompson Electric division appointed by their division manager to serve at least a one year term.  The Prefab team consists of the Prefab shop manager from each Thompson Electric division.  The purpose of each committee is to bring forth issues relative to their line of work for discussion and resolution across divisions.  Proposed resolutions are carried to the Executive Committee for approval.  The meetings provide opportunities for training and team-building activities across divisions as well.

Meetings are held in January, April, July and October of each year.  The April, July and October meetings are travel sessions held in Omaha, Sioux City and Sioux Falls.