Safety – Never taken for granted


Safety comes in all aspects of our daily lives.  Workplace safety, job-site safety, highway safety, food safety, consumer safety, hunter safety and many more too numerous to mention.  We can and probably do, take safety for granted, but as a large employer of 250 plus employees, Thompson Electric does not have the luxury of taking safety for granted.  Safe working conditions and job-site environments do not happen by accident.  I know, Thompson Electric makes safety a priority for the job-site and also for the offices to keep our employees safe.

Three years ago, the leadership of Thompson Electric, made an even stronger commitment to safety by hiring an experienced Safety Director, Jeff Bennett.  Jeff is tasked with keeping our employees safe by visiting job-sites, giving training seminars, providing training to new and current employees and reviewing all of our safety processes and procedures.  At times, he has a thankless job.  Everyone is not always happy to see him when he shows up on job-sites.  Not only does he have the responsibility of employee safety, he also has to be the enforcer of Thompson Electric’s safety requirements.  As I said before, at times a thankless job.  But if and when an accident happens and all personnel are given the appropriate first aid or medical treatment, the first question that gets asked is, how did it happen and what were the safety precautions in place.

So, the next time Jeff shows up at a job-site, think of it this way, he is not there to make your job difficult, he is just there to make sure you get home safely every night.  I’m sure your spouse, significant other and your loved ones appreciate all of his efforts.