Foreman – Where we were – Where we are



Those were the good ole days…I often wonder what was so good about the good ole days. Back in 1933, when Alfred C. Thompson started Thompson Electric, known as the good ole days, if you had running water and electricity in your house, those were wonderful amenities and if you had a phone…wow. As I think about that, I realize how far we have come with technology in the past 80 years, especially the past 30 years and where will we be with technology 30 years from now?

We are now in the process of replacing laptop computers with iPad’s for our foreman. The communication or flow of information is faster (within milliseconds) and more accurate today, compared to 30 years ago when the foreman had to stop by the office and pick up a set of plans and had weekly job-site meeting with the project manager to go over changes and get clarifications. They might have carried a pager and had to find a pay phone if the pager went off and the service department had 2-way radios to communicate between the field and office. Today with the iPad, access of information is almost instantaneous, emails, Dropbox’s, access to the company website and the ability to scan and print documents from the field, makes the field foreman’s job, hopefully easier and a lot better informed, not to even mention the advent of the cell phone and I don’t want to even think about where our technology will be in 30 years from now, one can only imagine.

So, the good ole days…life might have been simpler, but I don’t think I would want to go back and trade places.