Keeping things Positive

help-wanted1They say it’s good to be busy, but…this is crazy.  All of our offices are extremely busy and finding the needed manpower has become a challenge.  This

is not something new, we have seen this trend coming for a few years and this is where the challenge is.  As our labor force ages and retires, we are not seeing as many younger people entering the labor pool, hence the challenge.  How do we recruit that person?  We’ve had discussions with other electrical contractors around the nation and they are seeing the same issues and with the same results, how to entice the Generation Yers and not too far down the road, Generation Zers, to become part of our industry.

Is there a stigmatism about being an electrician or working in our industry?  As I researched this question, I was not able to find any real stigmatism associated with working in our industry.

So, here’s a thought…Do we promote our industry as well as we should?  Are we talking about the positives of our industry?  You have to be pretty smart to thrive in this industry and for the most part the working conditions are very acceptable and the pay is usually pretty good, so where’s the challenge?


We, as the workforce, can do better at promoting our trade and industry?  That’s the challenge.  Do you talk about the positives of our industry to your kids, grandkids or their friends?  If not, why?  They are the ones that will be carrying on our legacy.  I don’t know about you, but I would be proud if my son or daughter would want to be part of our industry.  If I had to, I would guess that somewhere down the road somebody talked to you about the positives of our industry and gave you a “nudge” in the right direction…so keep that in mind when you are talking with a Generation Yer or Zer.  We need everybody’s help in keeping our industry strong.