Prefabrication: The Thompson Electric Way









Definition of PREFABRICATE

: to fabricate the parts of at a factory so that construction consists mainly of assembling and uniting standardized parts

Prefabrication was the word that triggered an idea 10 years ago that has evolved into an important part of Thompson Electric today.  Prefabrication has been round for years and one of the early users was Henry Ford and the auto industry.  Since then it has evolved into many other areas of industries and construction.  And that idea of 10 years ago, was to look at how we could incorporate prefabrication into a practical implementation on a daily basis. That idea become a practicality and the prefabrication shop was created.  It started in our Omaha office and since then our offices in Sioux Falls and Sioux City have opened prefabrication shops that have been modeled after Omaha.

The use of prefabrication has become a differentiator for Thompson Electric.  With unique processes, procedures and incorporating technology to create an online ordering and tracking system, developed specifically for Thompson Electric, it provides our project management team and field staff the ability to enhance the schedule, have better quality and cost control,  and increases safety, which are all benefits to our clients at no additional cost to the project.

As we look to the future, the prefabrication shop will be a mainstay of Thompson Electric as we continue to improve and fully utilize its amazing potential.  And to think…it all started with an idea just 10 years ago.